Trade Electrician

Trade Electrician

The course has been designed in order to give in-depth practical and theoretical knowlwdge of conventional and emerging areas related to Electrical Engineering with emphasis on electronics like Electrical Circuits,Basic Electronics,Wiring Practice,Electric Machines,Measuring Technique,winding Practice,domestic Appliances & Lighting and Installation service & maintenanace of Electrical equipments.On successful completion,they have opportunity to choose Govt./Private sectors as well as self employment or higher studies.

 Trade Theory & Trade Practical Syllabus of 1st & 2nd Year (Download)

 Engg Drawing Syllabus of 1st & 2nd Year (Download)

 Workshop Calculation & Sciencel Syllabus of 1st & 2nd Year (Download)

 Employability Skill Syllabus (Download)